Blogging and Emacs

Filed under: technology, emacs, linux by tamber
1 May 2010 @ 05:37

If you can read this, it means I didn’t screw up setting up the "blogging from emacs" capability. Yes, I can blog from emacs, now I have yet another excuse to stay in this OS^WEditor.

It seems I keep finding things about this strange, extendible editor that I never knew were possible; or I never expected to see in an editor. Although I should have been tipped off that this was going to get a little silly by the fact that it has a mode for tetris.

I followed this post as well as using ELPA which makes installing Lisp packages very easy.(And, it keeps them up to date, which is handy. :) )

The only issue I’m struggling with is that the auto-fill mode is a pain in the arse, because whilst it handily wraps the text at a nice and easily readible length; the post is then also broken at that point by a
, which means I have to go back and de-fill the paragraph.

On the upside, I can use the editing keys I'm used to without accidentally closing the window, as happens far too often when I’m editing things in a browser. The downside of this is I keep hitting C-x C-s to save the draft, and that publishes the damn thing. (Same habit that keeps destroying documents in GUI editors. That and the key for backward-kill-word being the shortcut for "Close Window" in said GUI editors.) So now I can waste my time blogging much more efficiently, I might even eventually have something I can publish. :D