Lenovo SL Laptop drivers

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22 April 2009 @ 21:59

(lets try that again, I accidentally tabbed out of the textbox without realising it and hit backspace, losing the post.)

I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad SL300.1 not long after Xmas, preinstalled with Ubuntu 8.10. (Which I installed Gentoo over, Ubuntu just frustrates me.). Unfortunately, the volume keys, various hotkeys and the bluetooth wouldn't work, and I was beginning to get rather frustrated. I got the laptop because it had bluetooth (for various tinkerings), a WAN card (not used it, unfortunately, but that's mainly due to not having a data contract with any network. I've been looking into it, but that's a different blog post.), and I could play games on it. (That is now almost possible, but the drivers I'm using are masked and just a little bit unstable.)

So, anyway, there I am, with no bluetooth; hotkeys or volume keys. And then I found tetromino's Lenovo SL laptop driver(s). You can get them from here: http://github.com/tetromino/lenovo-sl-laptop/tree/master. To use them, you will need:

The install procedure is as follows:

  1. Get the drivers using git: git clone git://github.com/tetromino/lenovo-sl-laptop.git
  2. change to the new directory: cd lenovo-sl-laptop
  3. run make
  4. When the .ko file is created, copy it to /etc/modules.d and /etc/modprobe.d NOTE: These may be different on your distro.
  5. Run update-modules
  6. Load the module modprobe lenovo-sl-laptop

And voila, the volume keys, hotkeys and bluetooth should work! :D (Apparently, there is also an experimental fix for the non-standard ACPI implementation, which fixes the backlight issue. As I don't really dim the backlight, I didn't enable this. However, it can be enabled by adding control_backlight=1 to the modprobe line. EDIT: Upgraded to 2.6.28-gentoo-r5, and the backlight issue is fixed. :D Thankyou to everyone who contributes in some way to the wonderful world of open source software.