Entropy Attacks

Filed under: misc by tamber
23 June 2010 @ 00:59

With the (start of the) addition of user management in the bot, it looks like I’m beginning to get somewhere with the bot. However, I am beginning to dislike working on some of the code because of the state it’s in; yes, I know it’s my fault it’s such a mess!

In my defence, this is mainly due to how parts of it have been developed. As I didn’t intend for it to grow to the point it is now, there was no real plan (It was originally meant to be a simple platform for another project to rest on top of, but then I thought “Ah, it’d probably make the other project simpler if I had x, or maybe y…” and it just grew. (The entire project is a feeping creature.)), so things have been glued on or woven in as and when the idea hit me.

This is not a recommended development strategy; it tends to lead to code that is A Great Big Ball Of Hair, or worse…

So, to condense a paragraph or two of blathering into a few words: "It has architectural issues." And, to fix these issues, I’m going to tear it apart and put it back together. I have the technology, I can refactor it! Keep an eye out for the refactor branch, where the carnage will be happening.