Work, and something resembling progress

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11 September 2011 @ 19:17

So, yes; I have found work, contracted as a ‘warehouse operative’ (“Move that box from A, to B. …wait, wrong box, take that back and drag /that/ one to C.”) for Oakwood Distribution (One of Tesco’s warehouse things.).

So far, I have had 2 days of work, one day of “No work today”, and silence from there onward. It’s not incredibly think-y work (Okay, it’s barely ‘think-y’ at all. Scan barcode, move box/pallet, put books on shelves.), but it involves a fair bit of walking.

All-in-all, it’s alright, I just wish I had a little more predictability in when I’m coming in, rather than being told that day that I’m needed. Makes it a hint hard to plan when I’m unsure about how much money I’ll be earning in a week.

That aside, the people are friendly, my feet only want to kill me most of the time, and sitting down leaves me struggling to walk afterwards. Oh, and only some of the pallets want to kill me.

In other news, Harlie is vaguely useful now, with currency conversion, stock lookups and nslookups implemented; which means I’m approaching something I can call v0.3. The current plan, ‘release’-wise, is to consider this 0.3b and run it through testing; leaving implementation of the security/privileges, anti-abuse, etc. for 0.4.