Klompen blog generator

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13 November 2011 @ 04:37

So, after a few days hacking, and one or two minor announcements in the odd IRC channel; I thought I'd announce another project here. Unlike most that I've brought up, this one actually:

  1. exists!
  2. Does what it's supposed to!

Klompen: a static blog generator, so called because it's prototypical predecessor was written in Common-Lisp (Common-Lisp web-log => 'clog'), with a still-growing feature-set. Currently, it's only generating isolated pages; but the intention is to have it also produce archive pages for all posts (reverse chronological order), and archive posts for tags. (Filter posts by tag, effectively.)

"So!", you say, "Where can we find this disaster^Wmarvellous piece of software?" It's on GitHub (Yes, I've been persuaded to join the github crowd): https://github.com/TamberP/Klompen


Well, having run it past a few people and gotten input on a few things (Needed to output a proper Content-Type so it would be read as UTF-8; repeatedly told that the style-sheet I'm using temporarily sucks, etc.), it seems that it's mostly working out alright. It has a few things that still need a little work on, though; but I should have those done by Tuesday-ish.

Klompen TODO