Klompen Maturing

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11 February 2012 @ 06:32

Well, it appears that Klompen is slowly maturing. Now it has a preview of each article, an extra link or two for navigation, author profile pages (Which have been 404ing for ages, since I hadn't got around to it.)

And! I got the RSS feed generation working after I broke it whilst driving the refactor tractor over the code.

So, progress has been had. Funny how it always seems to come in bursts.

I like to ride my bicycle, bicycle...

Other than bashing a little on Klompen, I've also been working on building myself a bike, so I can get around a little quicker than walking. Most of the time, I've been sat around trying to find little things to do whilst I wait on parts.

Made a fair amount of progress over the past few days, though:

With the majority of the wheel mostly figured out (And ready for welding up), I think I'll be able to start building the back of the bike out to take it. We shall see.

(First things first, need to fix the welder. Because it wouldn't be a project if you didn't have to yak-shave even just a little... rasmfrasm lousy sticking power switch.)