Another outburst, then silence again.

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10 July 2012 @ 18:03

Yup, still lousy at updating this damn thing. May as well make it a static page, for all the good running a script is doing.

Anyway; the only things of any interest have been, in no particular order:


I've had two responses from all the applications for apprenticeships I've been sending out; both much further than I'm really happy with. I have an assessment to go to, that'll involve a 26-mile bike-ride, on the 16th.

Though, if I'm taken on as an apprentice, it'll be a welcome change; and I'll at least be doing something that's interesting. (Well, more-so than wading through emails from recruitment agencies that haven't read my CV.)

And, since everything moves at a much slower pace than I'd particularly like, it's highly unlikely I'll be employed by the end of the month; which'll mean another joyful scramble as the monthly billing cycle trundles around(!)


The weather is apparently determined to keep me inside, whenever I feel like I want to go work on getting my bike built. (And I'm not going to go outside to weld when it's raining hard to cause localised flooding.).

I was expecting rain over the summer (It would be daft not to), but I wasn't expecting that much of it.

Network renaming

I'm still running an IRC server for NotFurNet, but we've changed our name (and domain)! We're now

We're still sub-100 max users globally; but we're much closer now and still growing. It's still pretty quiet, though...


I've chipped away at some little bits of my massive project-list; some new features have been added to Harlie, after a several month stagnation period, but it's still not all that useful.

I'm still finding it hard to find the motivation to work on my projects, because they're either learning exercises (And thus "pointless".), involve a long period of 'non-productive' learning (Which is fine, with my copious free time, but I keep feeling like I should be doing something 'productive'), or take more resources than I have available.


Trying to go a little outside my comfort zone, I've started using OpenIndiana on my laptop; my earliest impressions are quite favourable, even if I am struggling a little bit with wrapping my head around the differences between Solaris and Linux. (And the strange thing that is IPS. It makes sense in the setting I presume it's aimed at, but it's still strange to me.)

I have seen Illumian, and quite like the sound of it; but for now, I'll stick with OI whilst I learn. (It's closer, I think, to Solaris proper; which might come in handy, some day.)