Mayday, mayday!

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2 May 2013 @ 22:17

How the hell'd it get to May already?

Anyway! I've managed to complete my course, and am now just waiting on my final mark (and the resulting certificate); now I 'just' have to find a job somewhere, at one of the many garages locally.

That's gonna be fun.

Also, on a coding front, I managed to track down and fix a bug in Yankbucket that caused all posts to get the default expiry time, no matter what was set.

Apparently, if you don't give your form fields a name="", even if they have an id="", then they won't be submitted. This would explain why I couldn't find any of my pastebin posts that I thought I'd set for long expiry times; but at least it's fixed now.

It also means it now has an hourly expiry option, for when a day is too long.

I still have a nice list of features I want to add, but the threshold of suckitude is so low that I'm having a hard time powering through it.

I suppose they'll still get added at some point, but until then, meeeeh.

Edit: Ugh. I suppose I should figure out what I was going to do about this blog software, because it's really quite a pain in the arse to write posts; to the point I don't actually want to do it.