Klompen. What, again?!

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23 July 2013 @ 23:48

For some reason, something stirred a sudden flurry of activity on Klompen; so a few bugs have been fixed, a few more have been added and things have improved rather nicely.

So far, the changes have been small -- I'm not even going to try looking at the other branch in git where I decided to start rewriting from scratch, because that's just too overwhelming. Hell, this branch is somewhat overwhelming as it is! -- but improvements all the same.

I fixed the RSS feed so it actually gets a post added to it. It still needs a little debugging, but now it's at least serving a purpose other than taking up disc space.

The tag list -- on the right-hand side of pretty much every page -- now shows all the tags, even on the earliest posts. Previously, it'd only show the tags that existed at the time that post was written, since the tag list was built on the fly each time and never saved. Well, now it's saved in the state dump! Progress!

The author profile pages are now generated. There was a tiny little derp in the logic that triggered the generation of the pages -- since I wanted it to only happen once each run for each author, rather than regenerate their profile page for each of their posts -- where I checked that the flag existed, rather than checking if it was set.

There was also a little strangeness in the bit of code that actually generated the output. It refused to work when I was feeding the file straight into the function; but works just fine when I feed the file into an intermediate variable, then run the function with that as an argument. I have no idea, and I have no real desire to understand why it did that, for fear I'll lose what precious SAN points still remain. (It is Perl, after all.)

There's still a lot of things that I want to make work; some of which will be relatively easy, if I can figure my way out of the corner I think I've painted myself into. I think I might be able to get away with it, but the links are going to potentially be a bit weird.

...well, all the posts are created as /archives/<number>.php, which can also be accessed as /archives/<number>, and I want to create a post-list that filters by year (and month), which will probably be /archives/<year>/ (/archives/<year>/<month>/); which I think is going to look a little confusing, since the only difference between post-id 2013 and the post-list for the year 2013 will be the trailing /.

It was going to be /archives/<year>.php, then I realised that was going to cause collisions.

Yup. Corner, painted myself into. Ah well, I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.