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28 July 2013 @ 12:49

If your source of information on What The Scary Government People Are Doing comes from someone who writes like the Timecube guy, and at random flies off into a rant about how the Illuminati are using mind-control of motorcyclists and legislators to "get rid of motorcycle transport", then you're going to have a bad time.

May I suggest, rather than immediately complaining about how The Scary Government People are bad, going and finding out whether or not they're actually doing what's being claimed. (...well, except the mind-control; because all you'll find if you use the Internet to try and verify that, is some rather dodgy-looking websites who all claim to know The Truth™ and that they're being suppressed by The Illuminati.)

(Thought for the moment: If they're being suppressed by an organisation that runs the world, as they claim they are, why are their websites still up? It's not like it's hard to get a website taken down/filtered; just look at what the record companies have managed to pull off.)

Anyway; if all you can find that supports the theory that The Scary Government People are enforcing a daft policy to kill off motorcycling is the typo-laden, tinfoil-wrapped post you just read, it's not a glowing endorsement of the claim of factuality.

Almost an aside...

A little paranoia is not a bad thing, though; and if there are vague rumblings about possible legislation changes that might affect your hobby/industry badly, calmly and politely contact your MP and ask whether or not they've heard anything about it and can confirm it for you. (Don't immediately fly off the handle and look like a raving lunatic; it reflects badly on you and your community, and you'll get dismissed as a bunch of screaming nutters who can safely be ignored.)

Perhaps asking for a little more transparency in the process wouldn't go amiss; after all, if you can see the potential legislation being drafted, and get a chance to find out what they're actually trying to change, there'd be a lot less Chicken Little-style panic.