As I said...

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19 April 2014 @ 21:44

I am freaking awful at maintaining a blog. Also, apparently, awful at maintaining blog^W software.

HEY GUESS WHAT! I fixed the borken RSS feed! Turns out that return does not do the same thing as next; who woulda thunk? So it was adding the first post in its stack, then returning out of the damn function; rather than just jumping to the next one on the stack. sigh

But, anyway; that's the result of a very productive hour or so, on the Saturday of a 4-day Easter weekend. I am already bored to tears. I want to build something.

Still hanging on at my apprenticeship; though I'm still not very good at the whole "being an employee" thing. Spent the Thursday before the long easter weekend making parts for false carriages (A carriage on a fork-lift is the bit that the forks hook onto and, usually, slide along. A false carriage hangs onto the truck's normal carriage, and is either an extension to widen the carriage; or a converter from a larger truck, to smaller attachments.)

I'm also still futzing along, waiting to get a car. (Well, I could afford the car right now; but it's the insurance on top of that, that's making it awkward. Just gotta keep saving...) Last time I drove anything: Moved the works van across the yard, last week. Before that, it was /on my driving test/. Ouch.

Let's see if I can manage another update without it taking nearly two months...