Fifty Shades of Green

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23 February 2015 @ 20:16

Two days ago, a great disturbance was felt on the roads.

...Okay, a small -- somewhat tatty -- disturbance. It's green, boxy, and had a whopping 67 rampaging communist-remnant ("Made in Chechoslovakia") horsepower as new.

It's a 1994 Škoda Favorit, in Caribbean/Sea green. And it's mine!

This weekend has, thus, been a flustercuck of back-and-forth runs to the local Halfrauds for the myriad tiny bits and pieces that I needed. (Oil, coolant, a freaking jubilee clip/hose-clamp, fuses...)

Keeping my cool...

Today was when I decided to change out the water (, seriously, water) that someone had filled the cooling system with, for something with anti-freeze properties. The forecast for this week is -3°C, and I'd rather not have a burst radiator or cracked block; I've pretty much drained my bank account as it is!

Simple enough, really. Except there's no drain tap that I could find, and the hose-clamp on the lower radiator hose turned out to be a blob of rust -- naturally -- so it would not unscrew.

Edit: There is one! It was just hidden under all the crap that had built up, clinging to the oil that was drooling out of the leaking sump gasket.

So I went down to the parts store, got a new hose clamp and some spare fuses while I'm there, only to discover I'd left my wallet at home; being clever, you see, and not wanting to get it soaked in coolant while I was trying to take the hose off.

So that turned into another round trip while I retrieved my wallet. Returned with the stuff I set out to get; managed to break the bucket I was using -- thankfully before I'd poured anything into it -- and had to rummage for another one.

Once I'd gotten another bucket under it, and brutalised the hose-clamp off (Grab screw-y bit with pliers and pry it back until the clamp snaps), I aimed at the bucket and pulled the rubber hose off!

...and was subjected to two fountains of rusty water, one downwards towards the bucket; the other upwards from the metal pipe I'd just removed the rubber hose from, and down my sleeve.

At least it was warm.

After some proper coolant was put in (40% mix, which is probably good to much colder than the car will ever see), and system burped, it turns out that the cabin now has working heat and the temperature gauge works. +2 working features.

...Other bugbears

With the cooling system seen to, I've got a fairly short list of things left to do.

Features to come?