New Job!

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25 February 2015 @ 19:49

Been made redundant from Anchor Engineering -- got my week's notice on Monday -- and managed to line up a new job by mid-week. It feels like everything's going scarily quick. Went down on the Tuesday (I booked the day off just for handing out CVs and the like) and had a quick chat with the guy who runs the shop floor. Got the phone call on Wednesday that they wanted me to run down for a meeting with the company owner, and do a weld test. (6 HV T-fillet, turn same into 3-run multipass. And a vertical downhand.)

As of Monday, I'll be a welder/fabricator at Marshalls Spares & Service; which is going to mean long hours, including quite a few weekends.

This shall be interesting.

(Oh, and the car's coming along okay. Tried to switch out most of the lighting bulbs for LED bulb-replacements; which went... poorly. They fit, but -- being direct replacements -- aren't significantly brighter; and they're too directional, which results in effective lower brightness unless you're directly in line with them.

So most of the lights have gone back to the standard incandescents; with the exception of the side-lights and the side-repeaters for the indicators.

New plan is to order a bunch of high-brightness LEDs from somewhere like Cree, and rebuild the lights around some custom boards that replace the reflectors, etc. for increased brightness, lower power usage (Hahahaha!), and better all-round visibility. I'll also be designing the replacement boards to have a proper PWM regulator, so hooray energy efficiency?)