November Update

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17 November 2015 @ 02:56

Pretty surprised at how quickly the year is going past. Still employed by the same place as in my last update, but my job role has somewhat shifted.

I don't seem to be doing very much welding; and have sorta become an electrician (Just in time for the defacto 'chief electrician' to move onto gr££n€r pa$tur£$.) Though, I'm halfway through a 2 week holiday, so who knows what I'll be put back on when I get back. (Think of it as a "revenge job assignment".)

But, as it stood before I went on holiday, my job role ranged from being a commercial vehicle electrician, through hydraulic & pneumatic fitter, general fitter, service technician, and occasionally welding.

I'm ennjoying the electrical side of things most of all; particularly when I manage to have it all worked out ahead of time and can plod on through with wiring things up. (Without having to go back and change/add things because of bad information.)

Particularly fun is the more complex stuff such as the crane interlocks, etc. (A 6-relay assembly that needs to be built up to a sort of relay-logic block and a pair of harness pigtails; one of which taps into the truck at various points, the other goes out to the crane. So you can't operate the crane while the parking brake is released; and the engine RPMs raise when needed for keeping hydraulic pressure high enough for the crane to move.)


Maybe I need a hobby; because the only thing I ever end up seeming to talk about is my work.


(but kinda not.)

I've got my theory and hazard-perception test booked for my Large Goods Vehicle license; come December, we'll get to see just how badly I fail at remembering everything!