Complete and Utter MotherTrucker

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15 June 2016 @ 14:07

Much belated! Many Delay So Slow! Wow!

Yeah, I know, right?

Anyway, radiator was re-cored and works very nicely; though now the water-pump is leaking from the shaft, just to take the mick even more. Waiting on a water-pump rebuild kit to arrive from Cyprus (Where most of the spares seem to have ended up...)

Not quite the same vibe as "overnighting spares from Japan", I know.

Still done nothing registration-wise; I know, I suck. I do have a copy of the MoS plate, though; which gives me the truck's service registration number, but the RLC archive doesn't hold the B-vehicle card for it. I'll try making an FOI request to the MoD at some point and see if they hold any information on the vehicle.

Though I did find out something interesting, via the manual; apparently there was a series of modifications made to some GS RLWs to kit them out as field artillery tractors...

This includes things like a grab-handle above the passenger side door, and a latch to hold that door open; storage bins both sides of the body (and the oddball-looking little storage boxes on the underside of the main storage are exactly as the illustration shows, too. Crazy.); doors in the sides of the body, behind the storage bins (though, since my truck has been shortened by the civilian body-builder who fitted the recovery gear when the truck left the army, those doors have now gone.)

I've also made a start on rewiring the truck; which is coming along... well, it's coming along, that's all I'll say about it at the moment. But at least I have a tachometer fitted in a temporary location, and a starter solenoid so I can actually start the damn thing consistently. (...oh, and the alternator is wired in, so the battery charges, too!)

I did also make a start on trying to get at the brake hardware, to assess its condition and perhaps pull the wheel cylinders to change seals and whatnot; except it turns out, the whole hub has to come off to remove the drum. Lame!

EDIT: I have also gotten the rebuild kit (new, old stock!) for the leaking water-pump; so hopefully that shouldn't cause too much trouble.