Another Truck Update.

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1 September 2016 @ 01:11

As always, more details are in the HMVF thread, as that's where I'm detailing the blow-by-blow.

Water pump

Water-pump rebuild went fairly well, aside from breaking the shrunk-on hub that the V-belt pulley and fan bolted to; took the remains to the machine shop 'round the corner, and they managed to machine up a replacement out of some steel offcut they had laying around.

Whatever it's made out of, it'll be a hell of a lot tougher than the cast-iron original piece; which fractured like glass when I wound on the puller. Oops.

When I finally re-fitted the water-pump, which was a bunch of hilarity in and of itself (mostly down to the 1 inch long section of rubber hose between the pump and the thermostat housing above it.), I got to refill the coolant system with only a few minor leaks that were cured by adjusting the hose-clamps on everything I'd disturbed in the process.


The rewiring has taken a few twists and turns, the plan has changed a few times while I was busily working on it; but the biggest first step is done: The fuse-box has been built up, fitted, and the bodge-wires are out! (For the most part. There are still a few little temporary bits here and there.)

The truck has run on the new electrical system, though! So it's at least as functional as the bodge-wiring was, with the exception that the fuel tank setup is even sketchier than before. Now the jerry-can dangles from a wire hooked over a bolt stuck in the body.

I've got a nicely-formatted list of fuses, relays, wire colours, and what feeds what; but have yet to make a set of wiring diagrams.

Bodywork & Fittings

I've done an inspection of the fuel tank, and it's remarkably clean inside, appearing to have been galvanised in the factory; and the rough-looking outer cleaned up quite well, with nothing more than a little cosmetic rust that left a little pitting.

Thoroughly cleaned up with a paint & rust removal disc (They're expensive, but great!), it's now in primer and awaiting final paint.

Some sheet-metal work has been done; mostly to the driver's door, which now has a bottom edge on it rather than a bunch of filler over a hole.

I should really attack the roof next, as it's got more holes than a teabag and it's letting all the weather in.


Still hasn't got any. Master cylinder was dropped off at HTS, who have sent it off to get a quote from a rebuilder. After that's all sorted, it'll be piping; and I'll make another attempt at getting at the wheel cylinders.

Knowing, now, that the hub -- officially, at least -- has to come off to get at the brakes; I have a tool or two to make, and another option to try.


Still nothing much yet; I've had a quick look through the V55/5 form to get an idea of what information I'm going to need to fill in where, what I'm going to need to measure, etc.

The FOIA request came back, no record of the vehicle held; which isn't terribly surprising, considering the age. Though I do now know it has served with the Royal Artillery, based on the modifications and the discovery of the remains of the tactical recognition flash.

The RLC Archive hasn't uncovered anything either; but I can hardly blame either entity. It's a nearly 60-year-old truck, the records are hardly easy to search through and a great number of them have gotten lost/destroyed... after all, it's all hand-written on cards and paper, with a lot of shuffling about over the years.

(And who's going to worry too much about what happens to the records of a vehicle that entered service in 1958 or so, then got cast off in the late 70s or so? (At a guess!))