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Posts for November, 2011

Fun with the router   26 November 2011

Briefly thought I had a chance at setting up an IPv6 tunnel from the router, since I got root on it. (Through the long and arduous process of thinking "Huh, I wonder if the password is just the username?". Turns out, it is. The wonderful world of security on embedded devices.) Turns out, no; it doesn't have IPv6 support at all. (And I don't think I stand a chance of recompiling the kernel, repackaging it, reflashing

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Klomp! [Updated x2]   21 November 2011

Well, Klompen has now replaced Wordpress for my blog; even though I've still got a few little bugs to work out of it and a not inconsiderable list of things that need adding. An extreme solution to the spam comments I was getting fed up of, sure; but with it comes a little extra security (No active content on the server), lower server load (Which is handy if one has resource constraints on the server.), and easier cacheing.

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Klompen blog generator   13 November 2011

So, after a few days hacking, and one or two minor announcements in the odd IRC channel; I thought I'd announce another project here. Unlike most that I've brought up, this one actually: 1. exists! 2. Does what it's supposed to! Klompen: a static blog generator, so called because it's prototypical predecessor was written in Common-Lisp (Common-Lisp web-log => 'clog'), with a still-growing feature-set. Currently, it's only generating isolated pages; but the intention

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Spam    2 November 2011

Okay, I give up; I do /not/ have the patience to wade through the constant tide of spam. 100+ a week, and the spammers are ranking highest on the web-analytics. Screw this.

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Posts for October, 2011

Whelp…    6 October 2011

Well; that didn’t last long. Apparently I’m unemployed again. It’d annoy me less if they’d just come out and told me , rather than just stopping giving me shifts. Oh. Joy. :/

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Posts for September, 2011

Work, and something resembling progress   11 September 2011

So, yes; I have found work, contracted as a ‘warehouse operative’ (“Move that box from A, to B. …wait, wrong box, take that back and drag /that/ one to C.”) for Oakwood Distribution (One of Tesco’s warehouse things.). So far, I have had 2 days of work, one day of “No work today”, and silence from there onward. It’s not incredibly think-y work (Okay, it’s barely ‘think-y’ at all. Scan barcode, move box/pallet, put books on shelves.), but it involves a fair bit of walking.

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Tick   11 September 2011

Something I wrote after a late night, pondering the 10,000 year clock, and after reading some rather enjoyable stories. > The wind howls, sweeping the dust from the mountain tomb, drowning the deliberate ticks that echo under a million tons of rock. > > Tick; another barely perceptible mechanical movement, unseen in the all-encompassing darkness as the clock slices eternity with each ponderous pendulum swing. > > Tick; the metal monstrosity, safe from the ravages of the very time it pares moments from, waits…

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Posts for July, 2011

Tamber Update   23 July 2011

To start, my apologies to anyone waiting on the completion of any of my projects, especially the components libraries; my work placement is eating up all my time, which makes it a little difficult to sit down for any length of time and work on a component footprint. ;) I’m current working on clearing my project heap, so that I can get back to working on the component library; the first thing I’ll be concentrating on is the memory sockets, both schematic parts and footprints, which will be released in the normal place (The git repo). The priority list as of 2011-07-23 is as follows (Where ‘schematic’ in completion column means that I’ve completed the eeschem file, and ‘done’ means I’ve also completed the footprint for pcbnew):

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Dear Web Developers…    6 July 2011

So, the original version of this rant (since I was freshly getting over having to deal with a certain game publishing company’s shitty website, being unable to reset my password because of some of the crap I’m ranting about here.) was considerably more profanity-laden. I’ve since had a cup of tea and calmed down a little, so it’s slightly more coherent. It’s still profanity-laden, though. If you are the type of web developer who doesn’t treat everyone as if

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Posts for January, 2011

Ponderings on Microsoft's ARM announcement    6 January 2011

Warning — Warning — Warning My horrible bias shows a great deal throughout this, and most of what I say is pure conjecture. Enjoy :) Since Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would run on both x86 and ARM, I’ve been doing a little pondering. My pondering was whether or not we’d see ARM desktop CPUs suddenly become ‘viable’.

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