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Posts for December, 2013

Derp!    9 December 2013

Today's been an interesting day. Nearly got walloped on the head -- twice -- by three quarters of a tonne of steel; gained a bunch of new micro-cuts on my hands -- cuts which later ended up being marinaded in kerosene, because I had to remove some paint; and choked myself on some rather horrible fumes. (Yellow, smelt absolutely dire, and made my lungs burn.) I'm still somewhat shocked that I've managed to stick with this apprenticeship so far, because it's the longest I've ever had to do something work-like in a long time. Though I am struggling a little with the early mornings, and not having as much free time. (I'm not really very good at this 'work' stuff.)

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Posts for October, 2013

Holy Updates, Batman   21 October 2013

Yerp. Completely forgot I had this thing. A quick-ish update: I am no longer dolescum; I'm now an apprentice welder/fabricator (As of 2013-09-09 or theresabouts.) with a small, local company whose primary business is fork-lift truck attachments. So, yeah. Whoo!

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Posts for July, 2013

If…   28 July 2013

If your source of information on What The Scary Government People Are Doing comes from someone who writes like the Timecube guy, and at random flies off into a rant about how the Illuminati are using mind-control of motorcyclists and legislators to "get rid of motorcycle transport", then you're going to have a bad time. May I suggest, rather than immediately complaining about how The Scary Government People are bad, going and finding out whether or not they're actually doing what's being claimed. (...well, except the mind-control; because all you'll find if you use the Internet to try and verify that, is some rather dodgy-looking websites who all claim to know The Truth™

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Klompen. What, again?!   23 July 2013

For some reason, something stirred a sudden flurry of activity on Klompen; so a few bugs have been fixed, a few more have been added and things have improved rather nicely. So far, the changes have been small -- I'm not even going to try looking at the other branch in git where I decided to start rewriting from scratch, because that's just too overwhelming. Hell, this branch is somewhat overwhelming as it is! -- but improvements all the

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Augh, Physics   21 July 2013

This is the first 'official' mention of some code I've been working on -- in bits and pieces -- for a while now; it's a rather dumb calculator for engine stuff. No, I don't really know what -- if anything -- it's good for. Anyway! If you feed it the values for the number of cylinders, the total

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Posts for June, 2013

A Wild Certificate Appears!   12 June 2013

Good news! I now hold in my hands a certificate proclaiming that I have been awarded an IMIAL Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles (VRQ) Now I just have to find work before I forget everything due to my brain turning to mush from boredom.

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Posts for May, 2013

Mayday, mayday!    2 May 2013

How the hell'd it get to May already? Anyway! I've managed to complete my course, and am now just waiting on my final mark (and the resulting certificate); now I 'just' have to find a job somewhere, at one of the many garages locally. That's gonna be fun.

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Posts for March, 2013

Ugh   17 March 2013

"Ugh" about sums it up. Haven't updated this in ages; running on a severe lack of arsed. In training as a light-vehicle mechanic -- which means having to be up at 0500H M-Th so I can spend 2 hours on a bus to the training centre. Supposed to finish there with a Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance on the 27th of April. We shall see. After that, I'm not

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