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Posts for October, 2012

Holy Crap    5 October 2012

Holy crap; I am lousy at keeping this thing updated. Still stuck in my rut; although wearing it deeper trudging back and forth to the Jobcenter. Probably going to be going back to doing warehouse work for Staffline again for giftmas; and I don't care, it's money.

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Posts for August, 2012

The workshop, she calls to me!    6 August 2012

So, some measure of success, at least; I passed the initial assessment and interview with alliance learning. Now just comes finding a company to serve as an apprentice with. I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, really; but -- for now, at least. Although that's not necessarily an indicator of anything, with the way my interests flit -- it seems that the machine-shop is calling out to me.

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Posts for July, 2012

Cow16   19 July 2012

Since I keep feeling like I should really be adding more content to this blog-thing, I decided I should try to explain the why and wherefore of one of my projects-of-little-purpose. The project I've chosen, since I seem to be having fun with it, right now (That will probably change, when I start having to work on the boring bits of it, though.), is cow16.

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Another outburst, then silence again.   10 July 2012

Yup, still lousy at updating this damn thing. May as well make it a static page, for all the good running a script is doing. Anyway; the only things of any interest have been, in no particular order: ### Apprenticeships

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Posts for May, 2012

Still Alive (Apparently)    3 May 2012

I know, I know; I'm lousy at updates. And not just to this blog, either; everything's stagnated whilst real-life gets in the way (As is its wont.) I'm sure I'll find something else to get angry at and write a rant about, though. In the meantime, here are some tiny updates, for those who care about such things:

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Posts for February, 2012

Klompen Maturing   11 February 2012

Well, it appears that Klompen is slowly maturing. Now it has a preview of each article, an extra link or two for navigation, author profile pages (Which have been 404ing for ages, since I hadn't got around to it.) And! I got the RSS feed generation working after I broke it whilst driving the refactor tractor over the code.

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Posts for January, 2012

Democratic IRC   28 January 2012

This is the result of some pondering on IRC, regarding a form of 'properly democratic' channel management. The original idea was by Alenik; I just bashed together this document to describe how I think it would be implemented. ## Privileges The only person on the access list, if there is one, and with

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Latex to HTML (Or, How I stopped worrying and learnt to love Hevea)    4 January 2012

I write my CV in LaTex and generate all the different versions I need (PDF, plain text, MSOffice, etc.) from that one file; it makes my life so much easier. Recently, I decided I really should generate HTML output, too; and went for the first solution I thought of: "look for something named 'latex2html' in Portage". Simple.

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