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Posts for June, 2015

June update    6 June 2015

Update for June 2015, summary: I'm still alive, still employed, still have my green skud. I'm still chugging along, one exhausting day after another. Not really got enough left in me, these days, to play about with programming like I used to; which is pretty crappy. It's kinda difficult to put in the energy to tackle even simple problems, when getting back and just wanting to pass out.

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Posts for February, 2015

New Job!   25 February 2015

Been made redundant from Anchor Engineering -- got my week's notice on Monday -- and managed to line up a new job by mid-week. It feels like everything's going scarily quick. Went down on the Tuesday (I booked the day off just for handing out CVs and the like) and had a quick chat with the guy who runs the shop floor. Got the phone call on Wednesday that they wanted me to run down for a meeting with the company owner, and do a weld test. (6 HV T-fillet, turn same into 3-run multipass. And a vertical downhand.)

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Fifty Shades of Green   23 February 2015

Two days ago, a great disturbance was felt on the roads. ...Okay, a small -- somewhat tatty -- disturbance. It's green, boxy, and had a whopping 67 rampaging communist-remnant ("Made in Chechoslovakia") horsepower as new. It's a 1994 Škoda Favorit, in Caribbean/Sea green. And it's mine!

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Posts for January, 2015

Remembering   13 January 2015

To those good friends and acquaintences past, who drifted away over time; to those who vanished overnight, with no time to say goodbye; to those who passed beyond the dark veil into the eternal night beyond... To all of you, who made me who I am today; who stirred passions and debates; inspired dreams, intriqued, criticised, improved, and helped me explore...

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Posts for December, 2014

Space   22 December 2014

Maelstrom-class battleship diving past a golden gas cloud

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Heartbeat post.    7 December 2014

And, as is routine, another "Holy hell, I'm lousy at this blog thing" post. I think it's pretty much required by now; the kind of thing I must produce occasionally or I'll not be allowed to claim I have a blog. Perhaps I shouldn't. If this blog were a potted plant, it'd be a little brown, shrivelled stump.

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Posts for April, 2014

As I said...   19 April 2014

I am freaking awful at maintaining a blog. Also, apparently, awful at maintaining blog^W software. HEY GUESS WHAT! I fixed the borken RSS feed! Turns out that return does not do the same thing as next; who woulda thunk? So it was adding the first post in its stack, then returning out of the damn function; rather than just jumping to the next one on the

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Posts for February, 2014

Kindle Fire HD 2013   15 February 2014

An expensive lesson was learnt the hard way today, because of my ignorance. The Kindle Fire HD 2013 (Angular thing, speakers either side of the back.) is NOT a Kindle Fire HD 7, despite what its owner says, and does NOT appreciate having a KFH7 bootloader flashed to it. By which I mean it now won't boot, and doesn't appear in the list of

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