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Posts for July, 2012

Another outburst, then silence again.   10 July 2012

Yup, still lousy at updating this damn thing. May as well make it a static page, for all the good running a script is doing. Anyway; the only things of any interest have been, in no particular order: ### Apprenticeships

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Posts for May, 2012

Still Alive (Apparently)    3 May 2012

I know, I know; I'm lousy at updates. And not just to this blog, either; everything's stagnated whilst real-life gets in the way (As is its wont.) I'm sure I'll find something else to get angry at and write a rant about, though. In the meantime, here are some tiny updates, for those who care about such things:

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Posts for February, 2012

Klompen Maturing   11 February 2012

Well, it appears that Klompen is slowly maturing. Now it has a preview of each article, an extra link or two for navigation, author profile pages (Which have been 404ing for ages, since I hadn't got around to it.) And! I got the RSS feed generation working after I broke it whilst driving the refactor tractor over the code.

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Posts for January, 2012

Democratic IRC   28 January 2012

This is the result of some pondering on IRC, regarding a form of 'properly democratic' channel management. The original idea was by Alenik; I just bashed together this document to describe how I think it would be implemented. ## Privileges The only person on the access list, if there is one, and with

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Latex to HTML (Or, How I stopped worrying and learnt to love Hevea)    4 January 2012

I write my CV in LaTex and generate all the different versions I need (PDF, plain text, MSOffice, etc.) from that one file; it makes my life so much easier. Recently, I decided I really should generate HTML output, too; and went for the first solution I thought of: "look for something named 'latex2html' in Portage". Simple.

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Posts for December, 2011

Waugh   30 December 2011

How has it made it to nearly 2012 already? I figured I had to post something, since it's been so long since my last post; got to keep up appearances. Or something. Mostly I wanted to vent a little on employment; and the apparent no-can-has-ing of. This is a barely tidied up version of a rant I threw at IRC, since... I don't know, maybe it might help to shout it, or something.

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Posts for November, 2011

Crossdev nocxx   26 November 2011

Just in case someone runs over this post, this is what you do if crossdev's stage-1 GCC compile explodes part-way through, complaining about conflicting USE options. (USE="cxx nocxx" in particular) Change

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Fun with the router   26 November 2011

Briefly thought I had a chance at setting up an IPv6 tunnel from the router, since I got root on it. (Through the long and arduous process of thinking "Huh, I wonder if the password is just the username?". Turns out, it is. The wonderful world of security on embedded devices.) Turns out, no; it doesn't have IPv6 support at all. (And I don't think I stand a chance of recompiling the kernel, repackaging it, reflashing

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Klomp! [Updated x2]   21 November 2011

Well, Klompen has now replaced Wordpress for my blog; even though I've still got a few little bugs to work out of it and a not inconsiderable list of things that need adding. An extreme solution to the spam comments I was getting fed up of, sure; but with it comes a little extra security (No active content on the server), lower server load (Which is handy if one has resource constraints on the server.), and easier cacheing.

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Klompen blog generator   13 November 2011

So, after a few days hacking, and one or two minor announcements in the odd IRC channel; I thought I'd announce another project here. Unlike most that I've brought up, this one actually: 1. exists! 2. Does what it's supposed to! Klompen: a static blog generator, so called because it's prototypical predecessor was written in Common-Lisp (Common-Lisp web-log => 'clog'), with a still-growing feature-set. Currently, it's only generating isolated pages; but the intention

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